Tendong Hill, Namchi


Tendong Hill, Namchi Overview


Above Damthang, overlooking Namchi, there is a small flat stretch ofland at an altitude of 8,530 ft surrounded by lush green ancient forest which is popularly known as Tendong Hill. Historically, this has been a place to rest for Buddhist Lamas who spent years in meditation amidst the silent scenic grandeur. Legend has it that the Tendong Hill saved the Lepcha tribe from the ravages of deluge when the whole world was flooded - similar to Noah's Ark of the Bible. Even today, the Lepchas perform pujas to pay reverence to the Tendong Hill on the occasion of Lho Rham Faat.

The view from the top of the Tendong Hill is something to be cherished and enjoyed as it spans across the plains of Bengal to the majestic heights of the Himalayan Ranges. Trek to Tendong from Damthang Bazaar, the nearest road head, is just about two hours. One can also proceed to Namchi by trekking via Tendong Hill.

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