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Thangu, situated at an altitude of 13,500 ft. is a beautiful village which is about two hours ' drive from Lachen. It is a comfortable village where the tourists usually choose to relax before they proceed to Guru-Dongmar Lake, Muguthang or Cho Lhamu Lake. There is a beautiful Guest House at Chopta Valley which overlooks Thangu and this place is a perfect holiday destination for soothing and pampering yourself in the lap of nature.

Thangu is a small and cozy village about 30 Kms from Lachen located at an altitude of 13,000 feet. The ideal time to travel to this place would be between the months of May and June, during which, the entire valley gets decorated with vibrant alpine flowers and the heavy snow covers up these beautiful beds of flowers in the cold months between October and March. In Thangu, one can catch a glimpse of the rows of trees and as one goes more upwards, the beautiful view of Tibetan Plateau begins.Ô_For people who are nature lovers, Thangu is a perfect gateway. The spectacular hiking trails from Thangu to places like Chopta Valley and Muguthang enhance the beauty of the village. Since Thangu is near the border between India and China, there is also a big military base present here in Thangu.

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