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Chopta Valley is a very famous tourist hotspot in North Sikkim known for its varying hues. Famous as the valley of flowers, the Chopta Valley is popular for its riot of colors during summer months. On your way to the valley, you can see the tall trees of Lachen area slowly disappearing and smaller shrubs becoming more prominent and wadding the area. This valley is unexplored and untouched, as a very few tourists travel to this destination despite its popularity. Nature lovers and wildlife lovers will enjoy travelling to this splendid valley and spotting many rare species of animals, plants and birds. Chopta Valley or the valley of flowers lying near Lachen is a very picturesque destination situated in the northern part of Sikkim, which is cut off from the mainland. Several trekking enthusiasts also travel to Chopta Valley, as the place is the perfect spot for trekking. The valley is positioned at an altitude of 13200 feet and there are many activities like hiking and angling that you can try here. Several water sports by the river are also enjoyed by adventurous tourists every year.

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